There is only one thing worse than being card dead in hour 3, that's being card dead in hour 5. Being card dead in hour 4 isn't as bad as being card dead in hour 3 since you've made the money and you're +points. and you have a long way to go, but you're going to get something.

Hour 5 is about making the final table. It's in sight, just beyond your reach or perhaps seemingly firmly in your grasp as long as you don't go completely card dead. It's highly unlikely that anyone who made it to hour 5 got there by being lucky. They have to be a decent poker poker. You can expect to be challenged. For the most part, shoving with 94o isn't going to get you far. Most of the bad moves I saw ended up giving their chips to a big stack with a decent hand. 

I spend most of my time folding, sitting in BB with 92, T3, 62 which I couldn't defend with. 

Finally got something QJ when we were down to 10 players. Raised, the seat to my left re-raised which I expected since I knew he'd been raising with crap all along, Hit two pair, but the board laid a straight through my opponents cards. Out at 10. Ouch. Next time maybe.