Unlike the open league, where a delay strategy could pretty much guarantee you plus points and plus points often enough would pretty much guarantee you some cash reward, in the Premier league, you must play poker. The tournament structure is brutal. Your opponents will not be calling your allin shove wth AA in the first few hours. A huge number of deals get folded around to the BB.

To get plus points, you're going to have to make it into the surviving half. This suggests a strategy opposite that of the open league. DO NOT DELAY. Decide quickly. If you're going to fold, fold quickly.  You want to see as many hands as possible in the first hour.  Certainly in the first 40 minutes. There are no antes, it only costs a extra SB + BB ( or 2) if it comes around. You'll spend as much in antes after level 4. The idea is to see as many hands as possible; the more hands you see, the better your chances of getting playable cards. 

Table movement appears to be negligible during the first hour. You're likely to be playing with the same folks for some time. Get to know them and how they play. Pay attention to what cards they're playing. Did they raise with K4o in early position? There are people who will be playing crap. You need to catch and punish them. Just because you're not in the hand, doesn't mean you can relax. You need to be able to tell the difference between those who are playing sensible poker, and those who are just raising because they think you're afraid of negative points.