This was me. In the BB with JT, called a small raise (+1.25BB)  from the button with roughly opening chips. Flop comes J 4 2 rainbow. Because it's the premier league, play is tight and we're heads up for the pot. I check as I sometimes do with top pair on the flop, hoping to induce a bet from the button. In a heads up battle, it's much less likely that he also has a J, though that is a possibility.

Pot is 60 + 30 + 145 + 85 = 320.

Button over bets the pot 350. It looks like, either he has hit the J strong, or he wants me to go away. Opinions differ, but I lean toward the latter view. I raise 350 to 700, so the pot is 320 + 350 + 700 = 1370.

Buttons shoves for 745 and is all-in making the pot 2115 and me with 705 behind. 

This is actually a typical betting sequence for hands like AK, AQ, and any pocket pair TT or less, etc. There are a number of hands he could have that I'm worried about: AA,KK,QQ,JJ, AJ, KJ,QJ,44,22,42 that he could have, but I'm also getting 3-1 odds and I have top pair.  If I discount hands with a J (since I have one), and AA, KK I'm liking the odds. I call.

Oops, he has AJ. I'm out. I'm out and I'm out early. -15.68 Big ones. 

Maybe I should have given him a bit more credit for the big jack, but I don't think so. Once I decide to check raise, I'm basically pot-committed.