Out at 418 / 925 -- Negative score for me.

My small pair which I OR'd for roughly 1/2 my stack ran into AKo who shoved and caught both K's and the nut flush. (PS loves to four flush me.)

I couldn't not call; folding would leave me with 6BB, little fold equity and would encourage other stacks to challenge me too.

The other ways to play the hand would have been to

1) fold a small pair. Perhaps. but I'm really short stacked with 10 BB. Folding means giving up any chance to steal the blinds and antes which are 20% of my stack. 

2) just call instead of raising in late position. I can't see this as a viable option. Small pairs play poorly in multi-stack pots. Any raise and I'd have to fold, just throwing money away. 

The negative result won't be pleasant, but I was a slight favorite pre-flop. Doubling up there would have pushed me pretty far up the tourney leader board, so outside the league I'm sure it would be the right move.