Played in my first Premier Skill League tourney this morning, 7am start time, I suppose it seems fair that no one appears happy with the starting times of these tourneys. 

The play is quite changed from the open league; is Tight Passive a playing style? Perhaps. I tried to play TAG, it seemed to work for me in this game. I caught some nice cards early on, JJ, KK, suited AK and AQ which helped me double up early. I spent most of the game hovering one side or the other of the bubble. Play was extremely slow and because of the scoring system, people hung on even when they probably should have just shoved with any two.

On the other hand, maybe it is worth it to hang on as long as possible, in the open league last month, I had $20 with 800 or so to go and milked it down to a 110 finish; in this game, le-piu floated from the 140+ down to 118 by waiting to the last minute. 

The tourney had some interesting dynamics. The blind structure is brutal. You start off with less than 40 BB and it gets worse. Normally this sort of structure demands fearlessness, not timidity, but the exigencies of the league point system pull you in the opposite direction toward overly cautious play early on (and beyond). In many ways, this is as far from real poker as the open league. 

Personally, I'd like to see the league scoring system do away with negative points. It'll never happen. It seems like they're intested in getting folks ready for cash play (where gnat's asshole tightness may have some value), but I'm a tournament player. I like the tournament structure. A tournament is by definition a limited risk event, you risk your buy-in. However, the negative point structure adds a huge penalty for going out early.

Anyway, I finished 50/547. I would have gone higher, but the big stack 5lirios charged at me with a weak hand (sometimes you really need to validate your reads); I called with a stronger hand, but he got lucky on the flop and his K3 took down my A7. I felt good about having a correct read, bad about the lousy luck, but I'm used to lousy lucky at PS. You can't win a tournament unless you take some risk; unless you're Darvin Moon, AA and KK don't come along often enough in any tournament with a fast blind structure. (Though Darvin got his cards in a tournament with an extremely slow structure). 

First place got 135.83 points, last place -15.84. The inflection point was at 179/549 about 32.6%.