My first PSO tourney I made it to about 400th out of 900 before being knockout by  5 2 after raising the blinds x5 with AA. he called from Big blind and hit a duece on the flop. I pushed ALL IN and he called and hit another duece on the river for trips. Played tight aggressive the entire time, but did not pan out.

My second PSO toureny I was knocked out in 1046 placed after reraising an intial raise. I had, again, AA. The Big Blind called and the original caller folded. The flop came 2 5 6. He checked...and I checked (hoping he would hit a card and bet. On the turn, he checked I bet a little over the pot...he pushed in...I called...He had 4 3 and had hit straight on the flop.

Waiting for the next tourney...still going to play tight aggressive. Will see how long it takes to make it to pay with tight aggressive and situational bluffs.