First of all, I would like to apologies for my bad English Language as I am an Persian Native and learned English by myself.
Second, I really appreciated all efforts that PSO Community and all its team members, Trainers and all the members who helped me to improve my poker skills and lead me many steps forward to becoming the first Iranian Woman Professional Poker Player in the world, the biggest goal of my life...

before I come back to my main purpose of writing this Blog, I have to add that, it is illegal to play poker in Iran and we could not deposit directly from Iran, so I have to win $ in freerolls and PSO open league as I could not attempt to Premier League because of lack of VPPs... (we all know how hard is to win with all those Bingo players out there... lol) or sometimes I buy $ from two of my friends in Iran who earn $ the same way as mine.

Well, yesterday I had 1.6 $ in my account and accidentally saw the Event 9 of PSO series, I registered and started to play, in the middle of the tournament, one of the PSO team came to our table and advised that if any body knocking out a PSO members will get more bounty, I asked him what more bounty, as I was watching Chris"ChewMe1" table when he eliminated and gave only 50 cents to eliminator player, he explained about 25 leader point bounty..., at the moment I was confused but then figured out that there is more than a game behind this tourny, so I start digging PSO site and found that I am in the right place at the right time... I tried hard to do my best and had a chance to knocking out one of PSO team as you could see in the bottom replay hand... I eliminated 12th in Event 9, also knocking out 7 players that used their bounties for registering in Event 10 which I eliminated 18th... now I have 35 leader points and trying to get 100 points from this Blog + 25 bounty points, I am very happy and playing in Event 11 now and look forward to meet you in the remaining Events.... Gl to all of you...

Dear PSO teams, kindly give me promised 100 points, otherwise if this blog is not good enough, advise me what else do I have to do...

Here is the Hand Replay:</p>