I`ve been watching many videos from PokerSchoolOnline service, but one of them attracted my atention in a very specific way. The video is called 180 man Non Turbos, and shows how CheweMe1 was playing a 180 man Sit-n-go Non Turbos. He explains many interesting things that can help you be succesfull in this kind of tournament. 

I watched this video being very carefull to detalis because this is my kind of tournament. I am playing lot`s of them because is an easy way to earn some cash quickly just by appliyng some basiic poker rules. 

In this video you can see tips how to act in key moments of this kind of tournament. Also you can see how kind of hands is recomended to play and how to play strong or speculative hands. You can learn how the bet ammount should be and how to play in the different moments of this tournament.

I`m strongly reccomending you this video! Watch it if you want to earn some easy money.