I have always wanted to be a pro poker player.  Watching them on tv and seeing all of the money they can win in one days work makes me wish more and more that I could be them.  I am no math wiz and I tend to go with my gut more then my brain so I have a long way to go to make it to the final table but one day you might just see me there. 

Cards have always been in my life. I learned at an early age that if I wanted to sit at the big boy table I had to learn how to play cards.  So I sat many hours in my room and at the table by myself teaching myself the rules to all of the games.  My father used to call me to the table if they were ever a man short and that was my shot to prove myself worthy.  Within a few games I was called to the table more and more.

Now playing poker and playing these family friendly card games as a child are completely different but it shows that cards have always been in my life.  I learned at an early age how to bluff, read and count.  I played the player more then the cards and that taught me at an early age how to read players and see how they would react to certain plays.  I tested many things out while at those tables.  Tight play, Maniac play, stupid plays, and smart plays and each and every time I read how the players reacted to them.

Online poker is the next step for me and it is probably one of the hardest I have ever made.  The player is no longer sitting in front of me.  I have to pay attention to how they play and see if there is a pattern to their madness.

To be continued...