My choice of video is MTT Basics by ChewMe 1

I genuinely love videos and books on the subject of reminding ourselves of the basics. In the heat of the battle, whether it is cash tables, STT, or MTT it is always easy to stray away from logical poker decisions and make mistakes which cost us dearly.

I am probably one of the biggest culprits and often end up looking at a screen telling me I finished 177 out of 500 and thank you for playing. Invariably I look at the screen and say to myself ‘Why on earth did I do that?’

To quote a very quick example, I played a freeroll on a site on Saturday, played my normal tight game and watched as the table calling station hit some miracle hands and generally bossed the table. I’d had one double up and was sitting with over double my starting stack and looking quite good for now. In the BB I was looking at AKo. The calling station boss, who had my stack covered, put in a familiar raise from mid position, everyone folded and I chose to re-raise.

Expecting a call I was a little surprised when he came back at me ‘all in’. Without thinking I chose to call. In the heat of the moment I expected either a bluff, Ace rag, or at worse a pocket pair of some description. Instead I was up against QQ and swiftly left the tournament.

In hindsight, there was obviously no need to call. I was in a healthy position and chose to put my tournament life with an Ace high hand.

I am also a fan of Dan Harrington’s three tournament books and have read each one many times. Just a pity that I can’t always stick to the advice given. I know that there are a few critics out there who think that his ideas are dated, maybe they are, but I still like them and try to incorporate more modern skills along with his thoughts.

I do like the following blog post by Sandtrap777. (I hope this link works). If not check out the heading ‘Some reasons why we have losing days’ (Cash Tables). An excellent post.

Take a look at the MTT Basics video. Its quite long, but its great viewing.
Good luck at the tables