Tried to relax last night watched a couple movies had a night cap or 2 but just restless and when all was said and done found myself playing in a sit & go micro stakes tried a couple and found some success so i stepped up for a go at the $ 7.50 bounty 1 vs 15 others for 2 seats, the first round ended pretty quick with me on the out but the second chance landed me the seat i was after into the tourny.Luck on my side i Rahn with it . Made it past the Bubble and for true almost every1 was putting it all in to my left to my right i was surrounded by chance to be in or out with 1 stroke of a key but i put my nose down and held out for the best cards i could get before making my calls,what a rush 1 pokerstars pro was in it and was happy to pass him on the way up,less then a thousand in the field and as the numbers counted down the stakes got deeper and chance got me past the top 100 then 50 then out at 32 was a fun run and added up for my micro Bankroll, this was a chance i am glad i took and it paid off want to keep playin but i knew it was just a lucky break. W T H sleeping in tommorrow and thinking about taking another chance Really soon , Like Now