No Way did i think anything could Buzz my Interest in a Game as much As Poker ( Holdem )  Is The Hook in My Mouth, Tugs You In and Not willing 2 Give in Freely It still Draws Me In & I kinda Like that Attracction of Oppertunity 2 Come out on Top & Make it into Bubble Play and Not 2 Much Lately but Making it 2 a Final Table. Not 2 Sure Where 2 get Adreniline in a Bottle Yet it is there when U R Climbing the Latter in U R Game. When Your Hands R Winnig all is well Small loses R enevidible & Help Keep U inline , Watching Replays of Games Like Sunday Million & Other Large Pot Games with all on the line . Some of the Calls were Genius Espeacially Bluffs where Control is only Guided By Aggressive Plays & Hummunguss Pots won. So When U R Hand starts 2 Shake and U R Up Against Strong Players & Ahead in the Hand , U R That Champion that Makes The Right Call or Fold  well climbing the Latter &  Always Looking 4ward 2 that Next Hand U Can Play.This is the Game