I am inspired by Live Training  but not quite sure how to absorb being the brunt of some1s Joke well in the stream.sort of left an icky taste in my favorite way to ingest some well intended time set aside to be involved in training,surely a jest but a blunt way 2 say stay away  so from now on.I respect and appreciate the time you have given to High light mistakes made during play , though waiting for a responce from the mark and watching  eagerly as this did not transpire with the so wanting of a responce. the result speaks for it's self by not responding in a timely fashion and avoidence is the responce I really enjoy training courses set out on the PSO and will replay them over & over again as well as read as many as i can 2 absorb any knowledge of this incredible game .Polite works well when playing it helps the game along and improves player confidence among rival players. I try 2b nice 2 every1 and i am this makes me play better, as well as want 2 play more often but i am less inspired to show my hands 2 b subject 2 scrutney .mistakes are meant 2B made , this is part of the learning curb and we build from these mistakes, over all training should be a fun way 2 learn but not as the Butt of a poor joke.