W T H  Loud Music is something i have been trying lately as Distractions R common and Unavoidible will Music Help My Game Play.I have 2 young kids that r always My Favorite Distraction & with the Tunes Blastin ,They R dancin all around the room.     Funny Dancers R hard not 2 watch & they R Hilarios Most of the Time. I see that music is not played at tounements as it must distract some of the players not sure Y but if the player beside U starts tapping thier fingers on the table im sure it could be a problem 4 sum players. So i am asking do many or any of U Players crank up the tunes while U play at the tables ?  so many good songs spin through my mind well juggling the odds of my playing of a hand. I can say it has'nt improved my game but sudden noises or sounds around me are Less distracting. Music Yes or No ???