I love Poker school and live training 4 recent impossible sign procedures 2 try and attend these classes.the last 2 attempts have had me reset my twitch my twitter and my school accounts twice in less then a week the last time i went on sight with JWK my putter took a big dump and has not been the same. yesterday i had 2 change all my passwords again 2 attend daves live broadcast and only manged to make it in at the end of class. .Thank U Dave,Lee & Jwk & Ross & RR 4 your insight into the game and the information gain has helped me improve my game . the game and time set aside 2 attend these classes is minimal so a spare it carefully and try 2 be there 2 watch and learn .just want 2 do my best and play like the rest as resetting my passwords over & over again is getting me down ,i had to start an hour earlier just to get up online to attend last weeks stream as be4 it was as simple as 2 clicks and Boom away we go with a Hello an on with the show ,My putter was on during a couple of recent power outages and i am sure this is what created my delema .i wish pso would offer a new computer as a Grand prize in 1 of there tounaments i would love 2 c that 1 day .