WTH some of You really get pissy after U lose half your chips 2 a bad CALL .NOT 2 ME AS OFTEN BUT I DO NOTICE IT AT THE TABLES . fowl words toward oppents R a cheap thrill 4 U but noted & remembered. Still there is no need 2 beat up your laptop or squeeze that little mouse in hand . It happens and it's part of the Game  Keep a another Lesson Learned and a Mistake U R likely 2 do again without Thinking it Out the next Time, Belittleing U R self at the table is shameful and when women R playing at the Table Byde your Tounge Please Beaware  it is 4 Fun and A Challenge & should be a Sport 4 the Olympics But until then No 1 likes 2 Lose but Some1 has2 enjoy a win & the challenge 2 get as Far as U Did B4 U Do Lose .What an Adrenilian Rush when the numbers climb in UR stack of chips  All In  Calls & taking Chances 2 Steal the Pot when U Can.Yes yes yes This is 1 Fantastic Game 2 Play and Learn ,Studying New Games Badugi  Who came up with that name ever the less Turns out it not so Bad 2 play, 5 card stud against other opposing tricky Players. Tilt Happens & surely hard 2 conceal but PLzzzz think 2 wiss before using prophanity