today after 2 many attempts 2 sign in i am beggining 2 think you might not want me to play on this sight.reregisterd had to change my pasword and if i told it to u you would get as frustrated as me with how many times it gets rejected, this is a great place to play poker but if im on tilt after trying to sign in the fun is gone and my game play is off, not sure what to do just drop the game and move on or hope the problem is cured sooner then later . i am sure if i log off i might not be able to log back on for home game and some time with Lee on live i supposed to prepare for the game 3 hours in advance in order to secure a login or should it not be a simple and easy task to sign in login and not have issuses i was have alot of fun with the other player in the community and would not like to see something like this ruin the experience of the Games.