Kids ,KIds Kiids !!!  Bing !!! as soon as the Bell goes off 2 let me Know my Game is Up my Kids crowd into the room with plenty of distractions , there iphone is not working ,can't find this can't find that and constant bantering between each other and screaming ,yelling Oh my G@d and if i tell or yell at them 2 leave my wife gets into it and WOW that sure as Hell does'nt Help ,So i only have a small window 2 play at my Best at night well they R sleepimg or at school, if they provoke me enough 2 psss me off it throws my Game way off and i make rash discessions that work out bad in the long run.i set up a putter in the back room and they bang on the door constantly with some of the silliest excusses 2 get my attention,Don't get me wrong I Love those Kids with all My Heart even when they r only doing what all kids do Playing or needing something in plain sight but they can distract Me with out any reason they just want me 2 spend more time with them so i do and have left in the middle of games to help them and come back 2 play only 2 hear them fighting in the other room again, off the game settle an arguement then try 2 get back in2 the game again.i Don't C 2 many kids around when i watch online poker and i Really know Y , if i only get 2 play at night or early in the morning 430 /5 am i am not functioning at my best so missout at making alot of final tables, U need peace and quite without distractions 2 stay on the edge and some music helps out alot as well. Duct tape the kids mouth would help but in that case the wife would surely hit with the broom if i were 2 try that approach so Late nights  Early Mornings and Thank U 4 Scool 2day so i can play.