B Dang been trying 2 bring down my Leage positon 2 no avail buggerall . When i try 2 stay in the hundreds in a tourny i make stupid mistakes and get bumped out 10 mins into the game, i don't know weather 2 stop playing the freeroll or just give up on my position all 2gether. Gettin PPVVVDD at my lates results.dumb luck .drop of the flop just bad choice in cards 2 play and no risk no fun.but i am feeling like some1 dropped a hammer on my luck.i want 2 bring it 2 around 1k and if so happy happy until then i feel like im treading water in a rip tide and drawing further from my Goal. sorry about the whine,vents need 2 cleaned out and start fresh again with a new outlook on success .