Omaha Ok this is new 2 me but without variety, games can dull out in time .without the hi / lo where 2/7 seem to take top spot and 1,2,3,4 & 5 can dominate the table of Qs,Ks &Js can cause a bit of confussion at first ,Tried a round yesterday and was dominated by the experienced players with the advantage of playing with thier weath of knowledge.thank U 4 letting me play in a Home Game of PSO Live Training with Dave the(Langalor) sorry if i got the spelling wrong .Wow not the same Game as Texas holdem having 4 hole cards is an advantage in this game until a professioal puts U Back in your place.I was cleaned out of chips in no time flat.  Thx (Bill) Thought i had a handle on it but soon discovered there is a lot 2 learn about this game .Wow ! fun and dangerous on a chip stack. experienced players can eliminate U with so many better hands ,the lower cards can take control over what i thought were hands of value, that were not good at all, So in short  there is always something new 2 learn at PSO and i am looking forward 2 playing this game more often , Awesum experience Thank U 4 letting me play and hope 2 B more of a challenge next time ,