when i woke up this morning my eyes were all puffed out from reading my courses online at PSO last night , it was a slow start 2 get going in the PSO 3.30 tourny ticket game and was having some doubt if i was going 2 last and not supprized i had 2 rebuy in while taking some risks,even so it paid off 2 hang in there and made it 2 the final table,      this made my day thank u so much ! my Heart nearly Beat it's self out of my chest . a total adreneline rush.  WOW if i can feel that good winning finally i want 2 keep it going, i even broke down and bought a Lottery ticket hoping 4 the best there 2.  thank U  4 providing the education i will keep reading it every night until i can't read anymore  Blurry eyes,tired thinking how 2  approach my next Game, Stoked . Thank u 2 the support from the PSO community i can't wait  2 do it again.  Thank U 1 more time !!!!