I managed 2 stumble into the final tables in another MTT. only to be led into an over betting and eventually all in lossing hand ,i boomed it on the sight so all can see it .Feels like i keep tripping over my lips and miss out on the last table 2 aggressive no  dumb , blonde and Blind  Maybe but same result  over eager 2 rake in a big pot of chips and not B consumed by the BBs which stack up pretty fast 2ward the end game..2 committed in the faith of my cards and blinded by the Reality of my opponents. just as i feel i am getting a read on my villians the tables get switched starting from scratch again.though i am recognizeing a few of the regular players.i have 2 learn how 2 stay out of the traps i tend 2 lead myself into lately, The chips R the bait the abrupt end of the game and out is the trap. i have 2 learn 2 C this sooner then 2 late, my bad .