I can Play 4 fun and i enjoy the Challenge, then during a tounement  my Game falls apart and i become Passive and unwilling to commit without good cards,i can feel the wheels grind my BBS away as the cards go by and having to fold what look to be good cards but out of position they get crushed. im.trying to learn from my mistakes and not call with out over thinking and it 's the doubt and second guessing that gets me into the mess i find myself in most of the time,conviction with the best cards and A 10 or A5 crush me more often then any others i try 2 play it's only A high i C that but i watch them play so well 4 others i begin 2 think it's a jinx 2 have been dealt them like A s and 8888s just gettin Bad Karma from them .i think if i was in a Poker School i should just pull my desk up to the corner of the room and wear my Dunce Cap  time 2 sharpen the Pencil  and put my nose into the lessons that R offered . Thank you 4 an oppertunity 2 Vent,