Well the other day I decided to use $5.50 and play in the womens tournament, might have been a bad idea, I didn't make my money back. So to make up for it I've been playing more table games and doing pretty well at them. I never leave a table or I try not to without having gained. I am also where I can play 2 tables at once. So doing really good there and getting my FPP and VPP's up. Still not doing well with the sit n go's. I have to admit I play the 2cent sit n go's which are hyper-turbo but still haven't gotten to the money levels yet, but working on that. Getting ready to play a skill tournament, I do pretty good on those sometimes and at other times not so good. Well for a beginner I think i'm doing pretty good and the more I play the better I'll get. The funny thing is I gain maybe a dollar a day and my husband is so proud of me he keeps telling me to play poker, and wanting me to keep adding money, I told him for now my limit deposit is $10 a month. When I do better and feel more confidence in my skill then I'll tell him I'm ready to deposit more.