I have been away from the tables for a long time but plan to get back into the grind this week. My bankroll is still quite small and the Micro Millions is exactly what I need for a boost!

I will be updating hopefully daily with the tournaments that I play. My schedule is somewhat hectic for the next three weeks due to school but I hope to be able to participate in at least 20 of the 100 events.

I would not consider myself great at any other form of poker other than No Limit Holdem but if the opportunity presents itself I will take a shot at trying out some of the different poker variants (I cashed in a micro millions 5 card draw event last time).

My goals for the series are going to be quite high. Firstly, I would be extremely happy to final table one of these events. Should I get off to a fast start, I will most likely try to increase my volume and play as many events as possible. As long as I play my A-Game though I will consider it to be a success.


Till Next Time,