Ok, late writing this but better late than never i guess. January ended pretty good
only being in the PSO for 2 weeks. 1St week was rough falling to only 1414.46 points.
But after reading the forums and the PSO courses a little more, picked up some good
information on playing bettter. The 2nd week worked my way back up to 1757.45 points
and finishing in 597th for January. A good start in my mind anyways.
Anyways I have set some future goals(obtainable or not we'll see) for myself in the up
coming months of play:
- Keep improving finishing rank
- Start a bankroll to about $20
- Be an active player by April
- And of course trying to win a PSO tourney (almost forgot this one)
These might not seem much for veteran players but as a beginer it's something to
shoot for.