So this is going to be my first post of many on what I'm hoping is going to be a successful journey.  I've been playing poker for a long time.  I started in highschool, the first time I played was when I was in grade 10, and I'm now 25.  I've played at all different levels of poker and would put myself in the realm of a player with medium skills at best. I've never been a highly successful player because I've always played outside of my bankroll and never took it seriously enough to actually want to make it a viable means of making money.  I've now recaught the poker bug from having stopped playing altogether for an entire year, and I'm ready to once again try and buil a bankroll out of basically nothing. 

What I am starting with is 30$, and at present moment I am playing .10 360 mans and .25 90/45 mans.  I will play the odd 1.50 9 man sng as-well.  I work full time so I will only be playing in the evenings Wednesday-Sunday. I hope to create a bankroll big enough to win me a thousand dollars a month, and I have no solid time limit to do this yet but I'm thinking of trying to accomplish this within 1 year.

I'm just your regular guy with a small bankroll to start with, working a regular 9-5, who just wants some extra income in his pocket...a new sailboat would be nice too!