Have you ever won a hand and were ashamed that you won it? I just did this morning in the 10AM Skills tourny. I tried to steal blinds to help my micro stack and my 9-2 offsuit got called. I paired my nine on the flop and it held to the showdown where I would have rather been busted than show the rags. Thinking the player to my left would be reluctant to call unless he had  a monster since he just won a tidy sum to pull himself up from the dregs, and not paying attention I thought the big stack to my right had folded, wrong just a quiet call and I was so sure I would win the blinds without having a showdown. Oops. Karma prevailed and a few hands later I was out somewhere around 200 out of 1100+. Serve's me right but it was a funny and humiliating lesson none the less. Pay attention stupid!