Okay, first things first. I'm something just shy of a complete beginner when it comes to poker. I've gone through a few of the lessons here and know a tiny bit about hand selection and betting, but to be truthfull, my post flop game leaves a lot to be desired. Alright, now you know about me.

   I hear lots of complaining and whining about all the donks, bad beats and suckouts that infest the tournies. Boohoo! I'm sure lots of burgeoning poker millionaires have been thwarted because of the evil presense of bad players. Get used to it. In the quest to improve our games the ability to survive and even thrive in the universe of poker while surrounded by this type of play is critical.

   What I find downright humorous is the people who believe they are good players yet complain when they let me check to the flop from the big blind and then I get two pair for my rags. If you raised pre flop I'd have folded. Your fault. Complaining about me going all in with A3 offsuit and doubling up? Uh, did you notice I was down to 3 big blinds? Don't call a desperate man's hand.

   It's true, I'm a bit of a donk, but until I progress out of that stage, I'll enjoy being a pest to the "expert" and winning the occassional penny.

See you at the tables.