Ups and downs, highs and lows gotta love poker! First 2 days of August were pretty good. Made money, more than doubled my bankroll, cashed in 32% of the Tourney's I played in. Went to bed dreaming about playing a bunch of WCOOP events in September, PCA Main Event in January, WSOP main event next summer. Heck I even thought that if I could continue and build my stats, I could find a backer and play about $20,000 worth of tournaments throughout WCOOP. Well, let me tell you about yesterday... The plan was to set aside $100 of my bankroll to play qualifiers for the Super Tuesday Tourney then unregister and use that $1000 for my bankroll. Well I invested the $100 and didn't win. Actually I spent over the $100. Then the fun really began! I played a total of 24 tournaments, many were rebuys and proceded to commit bankroll suicide. Over the last 4 months I have averaged cashing in 20% of the tournaments I have played. Yesterday I cashed in 1 out of 24! The $400 in profit I made the previous 2 days gone and my bankroll is now at $324. I went to bed exhausted, depressed and mad at myself. Looking back at the day, going through my notes and trying to learn as much as I can from that "wonderful" experience, I have came up with a few thoughts. Bad days are going to happen, it's part of the game. If I would have been playing within the limits I set for my bankroll, I still would have lost money yesterday, just not close to what I did. I wasn't feeling well and not playing my best poker and when you add that to running really bad, then getting really frustrated, my quality of play probably decreased throughout the night. I should have just stepped back and took a break or even quit for the day. Now, there were some tourney's that I played very well, got my money in when I know I was ahead and just got beat over and over. I remember last month I had a day that I got killed with a ton of bad beats, kinda like yesterday, 4 days later I had my biggest cash ever. Great days are coming. God is good all the time... Love Much... Play Smart & Do unto others... until you have all their chips!