Well mission accomplished, month is over and goal hit, now what? Early on July 17th I finished 2nd in the $3.30 rebuy for $4680. Since then I have had some great days and some terrrible days. I found myself being a little reckless, over confident and and have played with a lot less focus and patience. I know that having a goal in front of me and keeping accountable by posting this blog through the process really helped me play better poker. Once that goal was hit I had a few real good tourney's but lacked the consistancey that I had before I hit the goal. So now it is time to set a goal for August. I usually set pretty big goals so I will post on Aug. 1st. I usually play multiple tournaments at once and when I looked at my stats, I did notice a few things that I think will help me in August. Days that I made money, I averaged 14 tournaments a day. On days that I lost money I averaged 19 tournaments. So just based on the numbers, maybe I shouldn't fire up 8 tournaments at one time but just focus more on 3 or 4 tourney's instead. I also noticed that 75% of my wins over $100 were in Re-Buys. So I'm goona take a couple days and try to study and plug as many holes in my game as possible and go for the goal in August. May all your pots be monsters! (unless you're playing against me)