Have you ever been trying your best and for no apparent reason become a complete Donkey? My last 2 days were filled with these moments. I sat down Sunday afternoon and thought I would play a satellite for the Sunday 1/4 Million. Well I found my tourney in the lobby and clicked, registered and realized that I just entered a $9 re-buy for the Sunday Million instead. Well, I figured I might as well do my best and praise God I won a $215 entry to the Sunday Million. Was pretty excited so I unregisted from the tourney and figured I would use that money to play another $9 rebuy satellite. I figured that if I won, I would unregister and just use that money for my bankroll. ( man it gets expensive doing double rebuys in a $9 Hyper Turbo!) After many rebuys I ended up winning another tournament ticket! Well when the tourney ended the Sunday Million had already started so, into the Sunday Million I went. No problem I thought, my plan was to just play small ball poker fold anything that was questionable and was playing to make the money. Well about an hour in I got dealt AA two away from the button. The guy on the BB was the weak link on the table and was calling about everything. So, I min-raised with my AA figuring if he called I was going to double up. I began to salivate. (Never ever min raise with AA) The BB had KJ and there was a J on the flop he checked then called my pot size bet, same on the turn, the river was a K he pushed and I called with my cracked aces . As soon as the hand ended I knew it was my fault for letting him see a flop cheap (though if I pushed this guy may have called anyway) I exited the tournament about 10 hands later. Well I still had a little under a hundred profit for the day, which I began to donk away throughout the evening. I was about even on the day and I figured I hadn't abused myself enough so I play 4 $11 STT's and didn't cash in any. I ended my day that started great, down about $45. Recouped a little of that today but cost myself a few larger cashes because I got impatient right before or after the bubble. Had a few different MTT's where I was running in the top 10 to 50 players for quite a while, but kept make stupid mistakes the had me leaving way to early. Still cashed in 36% of the MTT's I played in today. Bankroll at the end of day 9 is at $562 Back at it tomorrow. Many monster pots to ya!