What a strange game we play! Friday was a pretty dry day. Played quite a few STT's and ended the day down about $25. I really enjoy playing single table tournaments because I know in the long run I will make money. But sometimes when you play 5 or 6 sessions with 4 or 5 tables each, it can really become a grind. I am a money (results) oriented person so that works for me. I have to tell you though, I love Multi Table Tournaments. It's why I play poker. The possibility of sitting at a table and coming out on top of a field of hundreds or thousands gets me fired up. Oh yeah.... Did I tell you about today? Played a few STT's but decided I would spend most of the day playing MTT's. I played in 11 and cashed in 4 so 36% ITM. I played a $1.10 Micro Mania 50 person SNG and took down first, that was pretty cool. At the same time I was playing the $1.10 Micro Mania MTT it had 2983 players and I took down 2nd for $466! (You should have seen me jump around and yell with that one) One of my last tournaments tonight was a $3.30 rebuy 180 person SNG and took down 6th for $76. Today was way more than I expected but exactly what I hoped and prayed for. Good days do happen! One week in and my $30 is now $601 which is about $350 more than my target at this point but a long ways to go to get to 3K. Hey, thanks to all of you who stopped by the tables, said hi and gave encouragement. Sometimes it feels like it's just me and the computer against the world, but it was cool to hear from my PSO brothers and sisters. Rock On!