I know there are up swings and down swings in poker but yesterday was Bad Beat Wednesday. I was playing $5.50 STT's and took so many runner runner beats that took me out of tournaments at the end of the night, was sitting at my computer laughing uncontrollably. Part of it was my own fault I win fairly consistently playing 4 tournaments at a time but I thought I would try 8 tournaments at once very late at night when I wasn't at my best and got crushed. (Stupid move) I ended the day with my bankroll under my $30 starting bank but I learned a lot along the way. Today was a little different. Went back through the PSO SNG Course and fixed a couple things. Along with few $5.50 STT's, I played a lot of the $5.40 Double or Nothing tourney's and a couple MTT's that I ran well in. Also got a little somethin from my Stellar Rewards bonus and my Bank is now at $103. I am still behind where I was planning on being today but made progress. I know I am breaking a lot of rules of "Bankroll Management" but trying to turn $30 into $3000 I need to be a little more aggressive to hit my goals. As my bankroll grows I will focus more on protecting it, but right now I am playing tourney's I know I can win. Not sure if anyone reads these blogs or not but if you do look me up on the tables and say hi! Be Blessed.