This week was a fairly good week.  Not only did I finish my last exam at University and am finally a graduate, but today I started the day off with $215 and my goal was to reach $240 before moving up from 5NL to 10NL.  Things started off really rough, I must have lost with pocket aces 5 of 7 times and the two times I won was by taking the blinds.  The 5 times I lost I got stacked by lower pockets or something else ridiculous.  Then out of nowhere my luck shifted and instead of being down -$20 I finished with a profit of +$35 and a $10 rake reward.  I was down -$20 for my first 4k hands before making a profit from my last 2k.  I was very happy with my ability to have tilt control today, which is usually a huge problem.

Hands Played              BB/100                      Net Won

6360                              9.04/100BB               $34.95

I finished the day with $260 because of a $10 rakeback reward.  I can now take a shot at 10NL after 36k hands played at 5NL.

Also, I had an interesting realization during my session today.  I have been keeping track of my bad decisions by tallying a piece of paper whenever I lose a buyin because of a horrible play.  Right now I am at 11 tallies or $55 over 36k hands (although im sure theres many more I forgot).  I began realizing that a lot of these poor plays are shortly after sitting at new tables and at the beginning of sessions.  I think my play is more poor when just starting a session; because I dont believe anybody has hit their cards and I think everyone is bluffing.. that is until I lose a few allins and then re-evaluate my play and smarten up.  

For example:  I have KK and villian has _ _ flop comes 9h-5h-3h, I bet the pot which is close to $1 (a lot for a flop bet in .02/.05 blinds) villian calls and the turn card is a 9.  At this point I knew I was beat, either scenario A.) villian has flopped a flush, or b.) villian turned trips, or maybe even c.) villian turned a full boat.  But I bet anyways because I didnt want to give up on my beautiful kings even though I knew they were dead, and then called villian shoved on turn, and he had A9.

I think by realizing how often I call just to see if my reads are correct and attempt to eliminate it; my consistency will improve a great amount.  I can change this by focusing on avoiding poor decision making early in a session and trusting my gut instead of calling allins just to have proof that what I think is correct, and also by having more long sessions and less short sessions.  Because what seems to be happening is my better play occurs later in sessions after having evidence of players turning trips and rivering flushes.

Overall a good day with some important lessons learned, wish me luck in 10NL !!