I have spent many, many hours working to improve my game and a little arrogance has opened me up to a world of hurt and ruined my running shoes by stepping in donkey sh*t.. It is easy to think that one won't deviate from their top game when they're running good.. But, truth be told, it's not that easy; at least not for me..

The last few days I've subjected myself to some pretty foul play.. There have been several instances where I've been unable to resist that nagging temptation to press that middle red box at the bottom of my table's window.. Sometimes I feel as thought instead of having the word 'Call' printed on it, it has the words 'Press Me And Win $1,000 Instantly.' I ablige.. There is an interesting article discussing the phenomenon behind the psychology of such actions and the seemingly inherent need to utter the words, 'I call' knowing damn well that this move is going to cause your forehead to hit the felt; with not one chip to 'cushion' the blow.. One thing that often comes to mind for me is the negatively re-inforcing situations where I do make the call  and end up raking a huge stack of chips in my direction when hitting one of my outs..

One of the areas where I'm working to improve my game is to minimize creating the amount of situations where I feel as though I've already commited myself to the hand that effectively guides my dark passenger to click that damn middle button.. If I could I would re-program the software to cause a pop-up when I do click the Call button to say something to the effect of, 'Remeber how many times you've busted by clicking this button, you donkey.. Are you sure you wish to continue..?' Having a donk-free redunancy tab would surely add to my bottom line rather than cause a reduction..

Often times I will ask questions following my posts in hopes that people will respond highlighting some of the areas of their game synonymous to those of my own.. And although I do recieve replies, I would definitely appreciate seeing more.. A belief of mine is that by one documenting their actions they can often improve upon their game.. I write my articles for the benefit of my readers as well as my own.. I have found significant improvements simply by doing so myself and hope that others are able to accomplish the same.. I would love to hear some horror stories of yours that are in relation to that of which I post here.. Even if you'd like to reply with success stories of how you've clicked that 'Donkey' button and found gold, I'm all ears.. But, again, we hope to deter negatively re-inforcing behavior. But sometimes making the call is the correct thing to do.. Feel free to comment with stories or suggestions of how you've been able to resist making erronous moves as I would appreciate any fixes that you've discovered.. I know, I know; 'Just don't do it,' you say.. But, again, sometimes it'sjust not that easy.. Don't deny science..

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A little Poker humor
--A defenition from the Alternative Poker Glossary:

Extra Blind:    When you see the flush but still believe your trips are any good..

I thought this was a good choice as it realtes to my discussion so well..