It's been a while since I up-ed the stakes, but I played the Daily $40k today and did fairly well.. I placed in the top ~8% and cashed to double my investment.. My tournament game is on point lately.. And although my mid late-stage play needs improvement I feel very confident about what my Poker future holds for me.. Some may not consider my run to be all that good, but for a noob I'm doing pretty well..

I ran into a maniac on my second table, which was about the 2nd or 3rd level of play and he definitely put me on tilt.. This individual had a major impact on my game as I was forced to fold hands I may very well typically play in certain positions.. I feel that his play stunted my early growth and forced me to play catch up most of the tourney prior to ITM.. I took a couple of shots at an early jump and missed. which forced me to play super-tight as I didn't want to bust so early in the tournament.. Having been down to an M <4, I caught a couple of hands with Big Slick that allowed me to double twice up ensuring a cash.. I was forced to fold some decent pocket pairs shortly before the bubble, but all-in-all it worked well.. I jumped to an M ~12 and felt comfortable enough to start opening up once ITM, but didn't catch much more than s few blind steals..

The turning point for me was calling a from UTG while in the BB with Q-7s.. I caught a pair of 7's on the flop and checked, as did the UTG, while the third was all in pre-flop.. The turn card showed me a second pair matching my Q and I bet half of the pot and got the pre-flop raiser to fold.. At this point, when the cards flipped I was marginally ahead and eventually lost the main pot on a river gut-shot to the all in player.. I still took the side pot, but lost the $6k in the main pot leaving me with very little profit for the hand.. Shortly there-after, I called a ~3x raise from MP2 player and called holding A-Qo.. I caught air on the flop, but with only two players involved post-flop and being OOP I bet 3x into the pot with all under-cards and got a snap-call all in which would've put my tournament life on the line; I folded.. After that there was little I could do as I was back to being short-stacked and eventually pushed w/ K-9o from the BB hoping to stay alive.. Unfortunately for me, I ran into A-2s and saw an A flop leaving me little to hope for.. I busted here but remained in fine spirits as I assured myself that it was a good run considering the early-stage factors of playing catch-up most of the tournament..

This experience taught me a number of lessons, as most of my playing days do, and I'll take what I've learned to bump my play to the next level.. I had fantastic rail support from my fellow 'skill wot? we got bucket loads' HG-ers and was glad to have them there for me.. I would like to thank Cat 992K for his advice and support, as well as the support from Mr Falancio, SVwrestler06, andrewj50050, emeraldsrus, nas388car, hdduece113, smokinone2, beerhead180, Hybookie, Freddy Dub1, and anybody else I may have missed.. Your rail support was valued and an integral part of my success in this tournament.. I wish my luck had continued so that we all may have had a bigger share of the pie.. I look forward to another team effort in future tourneys as we will all certainly make good and hit big if we keep at it, remain patient, and play with confidence in each and every move we make.. I would also like to thank PokerStars and PSO for all of the fantastic opportunities they provide in schooling and creating stellar Poker players.. You have given many the opportunity to excel in the great game of Poker, and the possibility to Live The Dream with the right amount of effort.. It is a great atmosphere and all of your hard work creating it is very much appreciated.. I've had a great six months learning and being a part of the PokerStars community, and I look forward to a long run playing in the Poker room and using PSO for all of its many resources.. It has been an incredible help..

Best of Luck,

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