Call it what you will; dry pot, dead pot, naked pot.. But one thing is for certain with-in the likes of the PSO SL; bluffing at a dead pot.. It's something we've all seen before and will certainly see again before our PSO SL careers are finished.. This is an event that happened to me just the other day in a League game.. (Link posted below)  I'm UTG holding Fishhooks and bump to ~ pre and get two callers plus the SB who goes all in to call.. The flop comes down with a couple of scare cards so naturally I check.. The schmuck in MP2 decides to bet 3x, at which point the CO folds, as do I not wishing to donate my chips to said schmuck who reps one of the two, if not both, OCs that came down on the flop, or possibly a set looking to eliminate a flush-draw.. At this point both players cards turn face-up and I'm dumbfounded to see that The Idiot holds neither of the two OCs on board.. In fact, he holds absolutely nothing but a draw to either of his hole cards and a back-door str draw.. I had the best hand both on the flop and comes fifth street ..

Now, this isn't a tangent about being upset for having been bluffed off of the best hand, but it relates to the principles of the game of Poker, particularily in terms of MTT play with a move such as this, rather an educational posting with the intent of discouraging others from making a like mistake.. The theory behind NOT bluffing the dead pot is that had a player not bluffed the pot and put-off the best hand, the winning hand as it were, then we're one step closer to ITM, or one step closer to a higher pay grade in the event we're already ITM.. It matters not me being the one bluffed, or be it somebody else.. The fact remains the same; in very few cases does it make sense to bluff a dry pot..

Now, there are exceptions to the rule.. Let's say an individual holds a straight/flush draw with a couple of OCs in hand.. Having a hand with 17 outs to the likely nuts is pretty strong and holds much equity in terms of both winning the main and/or side pots, and knocking the all in player out of the tourney.. This is a possibility I would have little to no aversion in accepting as a reason to bluff the pot when a player is all in..

In any event, I hope those new to the game of Poker and the PSO SL become familiar with instances such as these that often affect the play of many of the other participants of the tournament.. We can all make the League a more learned, competitive, and enjoyable place if we take the time to understand concepts such as this and work to improve our game.. I find it difficult to understand why so many individuals spend so much time playing Poker and so little time learning Poker.. If you have any hope of enjoying playing the game and becoming successful, it is necessary to take the time to become familar with basic principles and core concepts.. Without these you're going to upset a lot of people, maybe yourself included...

Best of Luck,

A little Poker humor
--A defenition from the Alternative Poker Glossary:

Drawing Dead:    If you call and hit your one outer.... I will kill you..!