This article chronicles some of my successes as of late playing NLHE cash ring-games.. My interest in this arena has grown quite a bit over the last few weeks.. Don't get me wrong; I still love a good MTT tourney now and then.. But for whatever reason my desire to play in tournaments has taken a back seat in regard to my focus on game structures.. I would still like to diversify my game a bit and branch out to other Poker variations such as Stud and Omaha, but for the time being I'll stick to what I know; or at least what I think I know..

Documenting my play is an area in which I need to apply more effort, yet even without detailed notes I can tell you that I'm still walking away with a profit in well over 75% of my showings in the ring.. Granted, I'm playing primarily in Uber micro-stakes ($0.01/0.02, $0.02/0.05), but I'm finding it increasingly easier to profit and will continue to work toward achieving my goal of a 25-30% increase in my BR every two days.. Provided I'm able to reach this goal, I should be able to find myself rounding the $1/2 on a regular basis within the next 60 or so days.. What's more is the fact that day-by-day my desire to improve grows and my will to achieve my dream gains ground as I'm constantly finding inspiration in regard to going pro, or at least as a full-time amateur..

Each day I set aside some time to research what this all entails and in which ways I can improve upon my game; more-so than simply how I play my cards, and play against those of whom are seated across the table.. Watching profile videos of professionals offers great insight into the mindset of these players and in which ways they've found success.. Pros such as Jason Mercier discuss the path taken in achieving a Pro status and gaining a sponsorship from PokerStars by starting out using Play Money on the PS Web-site prior to his eventual success.. A few small deposits, alot of hard work and determination, and the ability to cope with and adjust to constructive criticism ultimately led him toward making a damn good living playing the game of Poker.. Randy 'Nanonoko' Lew describes how he utilized his ability at playing video games and tranferred this skill-set to multi an astonishing 24 tables at a time gaining him Supernova Elite status through the trial and error process and adapting to the game as necessary by singling out what works and what doesn't work, (sounds easy, right..?) which led to over $2 Million in earnings and offering him the ability to 'Live the dream'.. Mr. Lew admits to having made several small deposits on the PS site before taking the initiatve to learn the fundamentals and dynamics it takes to be a successful winning Poker player.. Through nearly countless hours of hard work and perseverence, and seeing literally thousands of hands per day, Randy has turned dream into reality.. Randy's patience, heart, and drive for success is a true testament to what can happen if one is willing to accept the challenges and manifest the qualities necessary toward achieving success..

I will admit to watching alot of High-stakes Poker on TV as I try to delve into the mind-set of these professionals and extrapolate what it is that drives their thought processes while rounding.. Through application to my own game, with a little fine-tuning to make these ideations work for me and my own personal style, I've been able to find a fair amount of success at the level/stakes in which I play.. I am aware that much of my success can be attributed to periods of 'run-good' and dramatic 'get-there' moments, but I also believe that the smarter one plays, the more luck he/she creates for themself..

Additionally, there comes a time when that run-good runs long enough and I realize that it's time to hit the brakes and take a time-out when my fourth set of pocket Aces in a session is rivered by trip Q's at one table, and my set of Tens is busted at the other by that ugly river straight often seen.. Strike while the iron is hot, but know when to let go before you get burned..

In conclusion, I think it's fair to say that the many hours spent playing and studying Poker is beginning to pay off.. I value my fellow PSO-ers for their input regarding my game, as well as that of their own.. Being surrounded by like-minded individuals and seeking to learn as you do, I find it much easier to accomplish the goals of which I set for myself.. Without your comments/suggestions my game would hardly be where it is today.. There are many encouraging personalities amidst the forums/blogs/tables in this community, and all is very much appreciated.. I thank you for your assistance and look forward to further converstaions with you.. It is a true inspiration to be among you, and I work to emulate the many styles, game play, and fundamentals of which you broadcast, and take a small part of each and make it my own.. Finding a unique style and maintaining a positive attitude with the help of my fellow PSO-ers will surely lead to success provided the proper amount of blood, sweat, and tears are applied..

As usual, I always welcome your feedback and hope you can find the time to comment on my post offering your experiences and the struggles/successes that you've encountered.. I would love to hear where/how you've found success, lost success, or simply how you find enjoyment playing Poker in general.. Have you experienced a higher degree of success playing MTTs, or has your cash Ring-game been your primary focus..? Do you prefer heads-up, single or multi-table SnGs..? Do you find your game to be more on point playing 6-max, or does a full ring suit your style best..? How have you faired when trying other variations such as Draw or Triple Stud or Mixed Hold'em..? Did you eventually return to your base game or enjoy playing a game less familiar to keep you fresh..?

Thanks again for all your help..!

Best of luck,

A Smith & Wesson beats four Aces..