So, I was able to break the Top 100 mark today.. I've been here before, but it seems like much more of an accomplishment considering the changes made to the League this month.. After a couple of poor showings prior to my last two, I'm happy to be where I am; currently 87/13223.. I will try to make it home from my girl's parent's house for the 10pm tourney yet this evening, but if I don't I'm still happy with 55+ pts for the day..

After grabbing two ITMs today, I'm excited to see what the variances in point scoring will be as one moves up the ladder towards the top.. I definitely noticed a shrinkage after my last two ITMs.. Not to sound arrogant, but I truly feel that should I stick to my goals and play solid Poker, then I'll have no problem taking the top spot this month.. Although I'll be happy to take any money this month, after having put in so much work, made the necessary adjustment, persevered through adversities, and made several other improvements to my game, I'd feel a bit disappointed in myself should I not make at least a Top 5 showing for the month.. If I can make a Top 5, why settle and stop there..? My goal is the number 1 spot..

I would like to gather some feedback as to anyone else's experiences as they've climbed towards the top.. Did you decide to play less to protect your score, play more to try for the Top Spot, or play at a pretty consistent pace..? Did you notice people 'gunning' for you in hopes of knocking you down a few spots, find most to be appreciative of your rank and not play like donkeys just to spite you, or did you notice little much difference either way..? 

If you have any responses to any of this content, or even just to post a little about your experience when 'shooting the moon'.. I love hearing from everyone and look to learn from you all in any way that I can.. I look forward to seeing you around the tables and wish you the best of luck..