Lately, I've been commenting a bit about my style of play, and the changes involved there-of, and how it has affected my game.. Suffice it to say, I'm greatly excited about the results..  I went from four straight negative point-finishes to five consecutive ITMs and I'm on a bit of a high.. It may not sound like much of an accomplishment as I (and, certainly, many others) placed ITM or positive points in 5+ consecutive tourneys on several occasions in January, but the re-structuring of the SL has made this a more difficult proposition..

My month started out poorly as I seem to have struggled with the adjustments made to the format of the PSO SL.. I felt a strong compulsion to make a few adjustments myself, as I needed to find the reason my game went south (and I don't mean to a sunnier climate either) in relation to the month prior.. Changes such as varying my betting, refusing to open-limp/flat-call in a majority of situations, maintaining positive expectations, studying my own play and the play of others, reducing the likelihood of experiencing tilt, and reading/commenting in the forums are a few examples of the changes that I've implemented as of late.. I often find that simply writing about my game and the decisions I've made can been a big help toward achieving positive results.. I would recommend doing so to everybody as I feel it offers a more objective view of one's own game.. Creating a blog is a great way to start this process, while posting in the forum offers its benefits as well.. It is often easier, IMO, to review the plays someone else has made and generate your own opinions on such as to how you yourself would've acted in any given situation.. Another great way, and I've yet to utilize the software that PS has recently designed for this purpose, is to use the Hand Converters to assist in analyzing your play.. I often request Hand Histories, but feel that I under-utilize this tool for the analyses of my own hands.. From what I've gathered in regard to the PSO Hand Converter, it seems to be an excellent way to keep track of a multitude of hands for review at any given time..

So far, the changes that I've made and resources I utilize have propelled me into a ranking of 140/12021; and I don't plan on stopping any time soon.. I'm curious as to what types of tools and other resources you use in order to improve your game.. Do you like to use hand converters or read forum posts and/or blogs..? What about other software such as Sit n Go Wizard or Holdem Manager..? Do you rely more on instinct and your own cognition more so than software..? Do you use the option of note-taking as a means to gather a better read..?

I am certain there's a myriad of other forms of resources available, many of which I've yet to discover, or even give a try.. I welcome feedback and suggestions in regard to this matter in addition to any of the other content I've included in this posting.. I love hearing from you guys and hope you'll take some time to reply with comments/suggestions.. It is always a pleasure engaging with fellow PSO-ers and I appreciate the dialogue that takes place.. Your input is helpful and encouraging, and I hope to experience much more..!

Best of luck..! See ya around the tables (and soon on the front page :wink: )..