As my quest for improvement continues, I've found myself asking this question rather frequently while at the tables.. It seems to me that limping is a frequent play used by many; more so in the early-stages of tournament play.. I know the common answer is to rarely, if ever, limp into any hand.. Personally, I follow this advice a good 90% of the time.. At the risk of disclosing my style of play, I believe it to be more useful to do so as I seek improvement, even if that does make it easier for the opposition to play against me.. In any event, my typical limping strategy is most commonly used in the suited connectors area of my game.. This can range anywhere from 4-3, to T-9.. If my hole cards show two face, I more commonly raise.. How about one-gap suited connectors..? Still preserve a likelihood of limping, even if Q-T..?

Let's change the script a little.. What about small-medium pocket pairs..? Is this more of a limping-type situation..? Certainly, and this is a lesson learned in my days of working the job reading tape-measures in constructing/remodeling: Position is key..! I'll say this: At any stage of play you'll very rarely see me open-limp with any twins that are 8 or higher.. Also, depending on the flop, position, and the players remaining in the hand -and style there-of, you'll typically see me bet-out regardless of the three cards spread on the felt.. What happens if you do decide to limp w/ 8's in MP and get raised by a later position by, let's say, ..?

While stack size, M-ratio, position, and table dynamics all play an integral role in one's decision making process, my question still stands: When is it a more reasonable situation to simply open-limp or flat-call pre-flop..? From a personal stand-point, I have a serious aversion to limping in any hand as offering the BB a special, SB a cheap look, or any other position an opportunity to see a flop at a low cost makes me cringe, especially when they capitalize.. I'm not Wal-mart and you typically gotta pay to play against me.. If I suffer a serious down-sizing of my stack or even bust-out (ugh), at least my opponents, and myself, know I go out fighting.. Granted, putting all of my chips in the middle with cards like this that don't retain a stong likelihood of returning these chips, and many extras, front and center, is a play I reserve only for the most dire of situations..

But maybe this is an area of my game that should experience some change.. Will it allow me to go deeper; preserve my M; chip-up more quickly by playing more hands, or will this subject me to being a part of the usual and appear nitty..?

Perhaps these are questions that are more suitable for the forum, but who wants to read morose postings and a number of replies that may not even offer much, if any,  help..? And while I welcome your feedback and opinions, my intention here is more to spark thought and debate than it is seeking answers.. I'm sure I'll post something similar in the forum, but for now I'll stick to my blog..

Again, feel free to repliy with any comments or suggestions about not only my own play, but how you yourself elect to play hands such as these pre-flop.. Do you agree or disagree with an open-limp/flat-call style..? Are you more the aggressive type, or call and see..? Also, what are some of the results that you see, and after having seen them have you adjusted your play since, or remained the same..?

Thanks for the read.. See ya around the tables.. Best of Luck..!