It's been a while since my last blog posting and I wanted to gain some feedback on the new PSO SL format.. Truth is, I love writing, and feel that doing so improves my game and offers many benefits as I'm able to assess my play from a more objective point of view.. I am also interested in reading the opinions of my fellow SL-ers and welcome comments and personal views on any of my posts.. Anyhow, down to business..

The recent changes in the structure of the PSO SL has, as I'm sure you know, sparked some debate, generated appreciation, and probably angered a few as well.. Since the changes took place, I'm noticing a shift in the entire dynamic on the league.. It seems to me that there is more consideration in one's play as the threshold for points has been minimized.. There appears to be more conscious decions about the way an individual plays his/her hands, rather than the 'push n pray' method often used by many.. From a personal standpoint, I appreciate the changes that the fine staff at PSO has implemented as a result of addressing the many comments and concerns of the league's participants.. It has, IMO, created more of a platform for learning and improving by requiring an individual make more sound decisions, and lessened the frustration of the frequent re-donk-ulous behavior and suck-outs imposed upon the many who are here to truly improve their game, and be rewarded for doing so.. There seems to be less of an, Meh, I'll just make it up in the 1pm for donking out here, and more application of fundamentals and reasoning than in prior months..

However, on the flip, the tightening up of the structure has made things more difficult for those of us whom were pretty consistent last month placing ITM, some of which are generating far less points in February.. But this is a challenge; one of which that should be difficult, correct..? I personally started the month rather poorly, but I've made a few adjustments which have offered up some pretty good results this past week.. I've begun to search for more profitable situations, play position more effectively, read my opponents, take effective notes, play my made hands aggressively, rarely flat-call, and reduced my tendency to get angered and/or frustrated when someone does draw out on me.. But at least next time they know; they're going to have to pay to draw out..

Where do you stand..? Have you tightened up, loosened up, stayed the same, or maybe even quit all together..? Do you approve of the changes made, or do these changes affect you negatively..? Do you find yourself more engaged, or still multi-tasking during your league games..? All-in-all, my title ended w/ a question mark because I'm curious about the views of the other league members and their opinions, changes in style, and overall mood regarding the new format.. Much can be learned from that of which others express.. I hope to learn from you while staging a venue for topic discussion.. I'm definitely not the first to say this, but Poker is a game of continual learning and improvement.. I got stuck in a rut and suffered as a result.. Now my goals are about development, evolution, and adaptation.. Just like any business, these actions are an integral part of success..

Best of Luck.. See ya around the tables..