I won my first Sit n Go tournament not more than 20 mins ago.. It's a great feeling.. Aside from the $108 deeper my bank account grew, it's incredible to experience the joy of winning knowing you made many of the correct moves, and few of the wrong moves.. This recent accomplishment is just one day after a satisfying 1172/37,000+ (top 3.5%) finish in my first $11 Sunday 1/4 Million.. I look back a few short months ago to when I began my hobby and can be proud of the accomplishments I've made thus far. I've gone pretty deep (well, deep for a noob) in some large tourneys, and have done so pretty consistently.. I was on a pretty good run in the PSO Skills League until I found out I was at a White Star status and got involved in more cash tourneys.. My game there has been neglected, but I'll be sure to be in contention for the top spot in February.. I look forward to Multi-tabling some more $2.20's tomorrow and trying to earn a greater ROI for my time spent.. It took alot of patience (and cursing) to grind it out today for a few more than a hundred dollars.. My goal is to build my bankroll enough to play in the daily $40k 2-3x's p/week, and my entry into Sunday's 1/4 Million 2-3x's p/month.. If I play 'em enough, I'm bound to hit pay-dirt.. For now, I'll take a few SnG's every day until my bankroll is flush.. See ya Sunday..!