Well, I have finally decided to take this as it is: 3 options: (1) learn as much as possible, or (2) keep loosing money, or (3) stay as is and just enjoy the ups and downs. 4th option, learn as much and still loose money after months or years of trying... I always get to think about that option, maybe that's why I am working 8-5 instead of being the pro cyclist I wanted to be (and I gave it my best, but didn't get to risk it when I should). So I guess this will be a long post since there is a lot to explain.

So I started palying about the end of July with a $100 deposit, in a week I went down to 80, up to 125 and then lost it all in I guess 3 days. Second deposit $50, went up to 70, down to 20, got desperate, joined a $15 50-50 and won some to get back to about 40. Went back to $1.5 50-50s and in a couple of weeks was up to $57, then it started...

You can search the forums for two threads, one on Bad Beats and other in Hand Analisis, both called "I've been loosing for a week", the first helped me create the second, which, after 2 weeks of loosing money (loosing more than I was winning) finally opened my eyes to the fact that, of what they told me in the analisis, I understood like maybe 70%. And the 70% I understood, I have to admit I wasn't able to think while in the middle of play (Special Thanks to EdinFreeMan and JWK24 for their comments). The conclusion: back to PokerSchool.

I had actually read and passed some of the quizes: basic course, core course... and started the SNG but never got to finish it, it got to complicated to grasp the concepts so I decided to quit and just play... BAD DECISION... maybe not, that fact is, you won't get it unless you play and see some action, but anyway, I was back in school.

I had been playing 50-50s because I found the cash tables too aggressive, and I always kept loosing money, or won some and lost more. The beauty of 50-50s is that even if you end up with less chips than you started you can make money or at least break even... unless you really mess it up you only loose a few cents... AS LONG AS YOU FINISH...  and I always did, keeping super tight. The problem began after a couple weeks when players started calling my AA, Aks, AKo with lesser hands and I faced the fact that I didn't know how to act post flop when I didn't make it, worst of all if I made it and someone had a better hand I just would not get to believe it until showdown when they came up with a AAA against my QQQ or a flush against my straight, quads against my flush, etc. (Casually, I lost my SNG quiz today with 67%, but intend to re-take it tomorrow and do better)

Thats when it finally hit me: when I played well sometimes I got unlucky and lost to better hands or even worse hands, but that wasn't the problem, the problem was: I wasn't playing well all the time, so I didn't make enough money with my good hands to compensate for the loses. I constantly got out with better hands because I didn't hit my hand on the flop and didn't know what to do, or limped instead of raised, or people raised me and I got scared, etc, etc. And just got tired of donks winning consistently with even worse play than me (after all, I had passed 2 pokerschool tests!!:-D ). But I just didn't believe it was luck.

So I had to learn and re-started doing so, some reading, some videos, Frosty012's blog... just to find out some donks still managed to out beat me with crappy hands, I tried playing looser ( blame it on TAG playing) and got a little better, but still loosing on the long run (the loosing curve just smoothed out a bit) and still scratching my head. Finally, amongst my reading I discovered a website (not sure if I can post it name here) that tracks the winnings of players at online poker and found out that the guys who were beating the heck out of me were loosing too... so... back to learning, but I was desperate.

Luckily, I injured my knee last week and the result was: 3 days at home, of which today is the second and I have been investing most of my time reading and watching videos (Frosty012 and Spacegravy, have seen them so many times). Finally, I am seing some results, I am up today for the first time in many weeks: I won $1.35 at cash game yesterday to a massive calling machine who even called my all in (he had JJ and 1010, I got a pretty obvious straight in the turn, but to be honest, two weeks ago I would have done the same he did) and today I survived my SNGs. Still, got kicked out from a FPP tourney by another LAG who happened to have QQ when I had AQo in a Q-1-8 board, but hey, it happens, and know I'm prepared to take it as variance, not bad luck...

I managed to pull the next play nicely on another guy who kept calling and getting lucky, so I'm happy on how the day went; he stopped calling after that, too bad. I wouldn't have been able to pull it off without what I learned this days, even if I was "lucky" to get that board.

The Play: FPP tourney (don't mind bet sizing, which I still have to improve, I am too lazy to hit the botton so many times)
15/30 blinds, everybody folds, guy before me calls (he had been limping in a lot, and getting lucky I guess)
Hero AKo, middle position, I  raise to 120.  Ok, I should't have played this hand but believed I would steal the blinds and maybe the calling guy would fold or call with weaker hand.
Akilino33 calls (he is the one who then kicked me out with QQ) others fold and guy before me calls.
Flop: 2d-8s-Qs, guy checks, I raise to 270, akilino folds (this is why I tried to scare him going in all in on my AQo hand later on) guy calls.
Turn: Qh, I raise, guy finally folds.

Its funny, the more I see it and re-run it, the more mistakes I see, but am glad of the way I cbet and double barrelled, and got away with absolutely no hand, not even a pair. Anyways, still massive amounts to learn before I can say I will win consistently or believe that I'm better than microstakes... but at least I'm on a better track now. Have a nice day.

PS: Akilino finished top 20 on that tourney, so I guess he isn't that bad.