i am not going to get in a big discussion with the know how on here, but i am noticing that alot of players are missing the point of postion. 2 good examples happened last nite at our team game. i was in the small blind both times, in the first hand utg+1 had raised to 600 with blinds at 50/100. the hijack calls and i looked down at kk. now i am in the small blind with early postion to act. with kk ak or qq i will raise a good amount every time. so i come in with a raise to 2600. utg+1 folds and holds, while hijack calls. flop is 395 with no flush draw out there. hijack bets out i open shove on her for 4k on top of her 800. she folds and utg+1 shows jj. now i sit and ask the man in the postion if he could make my hand. he said kk or qq. i showed. now the same scene and utg+1 raises to 800 with blinds 150/300. i am in the small blind with folds all to me. i look down at qq. i reraise to 3200 with all three next to act with short stacks less then 2500. so i had declared right there that i was only playing strong cards with these reraises in this postion. now the point of this. postion is important and to know the type players ur playing and there hand range. so if there is a raise in a early or late postion, and sm or bb reraise there hand 8/10 is going to be as big as qq. u should only truely playing a steady long houred tourney should be raising in the blind postions with qq or better. the reason is all the action left to act in those early postions. u want a lot of weak aces or kq/kj out of the picture. it sucks to have qq and get hit by kq on the flop with a king high flop. it sucks and it wouldnt have happen if u raised propelry in these postions.