If your like me, either you may not have realised there are freerolls to the main event, or you may have read the schedule and overlooked these when registering for upcoming events and forgotten that these exist.

Maybe my issue is looking at the schedule that at 8am (NZ time) I'm either still asleep or half asleep to notice these.

Well after being silly enough to wake up at 5am for the Pokerschool Share and Win Freeroll

(Where I managed a small cash, thannks guys) 

I was wide awake at 8am and lucky enough to still have my private tab open and see the freeroll,

A lucky first hand K9 spades (you have to love when you own a black labrador) a couple hours and a couple hundred people later, I along with 3 others find myself enroled in the main event.

1 freeroll entered 1 ticket scored 1 lesson learnt.

From now on I will be reading more and stalking the private tournament tab.