Wow bankroll is now at $164 after a total of 22k hands. I changed my preflop game a little bit after watching some training videos and that works great for me.

Also I'm just 42 VPPs from next Stellar Reward level which will add another $10 to my bankroll. Probably gonna hit that today. Next level there will be $50 so thats a huge one thats gonna boost my bankroll a lot.

I've been thinking some goals that I need to set up for my play and to keep me motivated to put in much volume.

So targets will be looking like this:

End March: Bankroll $240+, which also means taking shot at 10NL.

End May: Bankroll $$500+, which also means taking shot at 25NL.

End July: Steady play at 25NL with some shots at 50NL.

That will be shortterm goals for now. Long term goal is to achieve supernova status end of year 2015.