Finally caught a heater and bankroll is now at $125 after buying $10 for 1000 FPPs.  From now on you will see the graph with green and yellow were the yellow includes VIP purchases and Stellar Reward.


Also I have been looking at a lot of GrindingItUp videos which I find really helpful for my game. You can really pick up a lot of good stuff from there. 

I will try to get a lot of volume in this weekend and hopefully reach level were I can continue to play at 5NL on regular basis. But as you saw yesterday there is a lot of ups and downs playing Zoom poker.

9/6 max tables?

My stats at the different tables so far:

6-max, 12k hands, +$30

9-max, 8k hands, +$5

I actually feel more comfortable playing 6-max right now because between 2NL and 5NL there are reallt big differents on 9-max tables. At 5NL it is reallt tight play and I like to see a lot of flops and also playing a lot in position and on the blinds. 

I haven't played that many hands yet at neither tablesizes but and turning towards 6-max right now and thats probably were I will put my volume for a while now.

What is your read on the differens tablesizes at 5NL, do you agree?

Also if you have any suggestions on training videos to see besides Xflixx GrindingItUp please let me know.

Have a nice weekend and good luck at the tables