I have realized that the VPPs and FPPs will be a big part of this challenge. So I've done some research on how to best spend these points. Most people recommend playing FPP satellites and then unregister to gain Tournament Money.


I think I will go with just purchasing $10 for every 1000 FPPs in the beginning at least. I came in to this challenge as GoldStar so I'm actually making some points already and on top of that you have the VIP Stellar Reward. 

Just one purchase of $10 and reaching a Stellar Reward level can take me up to the next level. So I will put these "bonus money" in to the graphs as soon as I make a purchase.

I have only playes about 1500 hands so far today but will try to get some volume in now on the evening. Bankroll is currently at $88. So I need to make $12 more to be able to take a shot again at 5NL.